The Pentecostals of Morgan

If you are looking for an Apostolic Pentecostal Church In Morgan, Texas – we invite you to join us in one of our Worship Services. We are a Bible believing and family values oriented Apostolic Church dedicated to serving the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Now that you have found an established Pentecostal Church in Morgan, Texas, we would be delighted to have you come visit us. We hope to see you in service with us soon!

Service Times


Sunday Services include:
Kids Breakfast at 9:30AM | Sunday School at 10:00AM | Family Worship Service at 11:00AM | Evening Service is at 6:00PM.

Wednesday Services include:
Meal for Kids at 6:15PM | BLAST (Bible Learning and Spiritual Training) for children ages 1-16 at 7PM | Adult Bible Study at 7PM.

Map & Directions


Pentecostals of Morgan is located at 1202 Harris Morgan, Texas 76671. Call us if you need additional directions. (936) 652-4322 View Map

New Here


For us, everything starts and ends with Jesus. If you are still figuring out who He is and what that means, Sunday Worship gatherings are a great place to consider and explore. 

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At The Pentecostals of Morgan, we believe church is about more than just what happens on Sunday. Sunday is merely a launching point for the rest of our week!

Dewayne Sims

Lead Pastor

    Pastor Sims answered a call to the ministry while he was still in High School in 1994. In 1998, just a few years later, he would be blessed further by marrying his wife, Kristal. Pastor and Sis. Sims are privileged to be the parents of three wonderful children Jarron, Gavin and DeLayna.

    Passion for souls has been the driving force for Bro. and Sis. Sims. They believe that anointed teaching, preaching and Godly leadership can forever change the world and will grow an Apostolic church in Morgan, Texas. It is their goal for the doors of the church to be open and the message of Truth to reach all.

    Theo Heartsill

    Assistant Pastor

      Pastor Theo Heartsill felt the call of ministry on his life in 1992; however, like many prodigals before him, he ran from the call of God on his life for a season. God proved to be a God of restoration and completion, and that season furnished him with a wealth of experience that helps him relate to people of similar backgrounds and situations. He has devoted his life wholly to God and operates out of a kind and gentle spirit.

      Theo loves to teach the word of God and relies heavily upon scriptural text to equip and empower people with the tools necessary to overcome the enemy and walk with God on a daily basis. He teaches church bible studies, home bible studies, Sunday school classes, directs the Authentic Manhood program, and preaches and evangelizes. As a musician, he also plays the guitar, bass, and drums.

      Theo was married to Trudy in 1993 and together have two children – Lindsey and Lauren. Their passion is to share the gospel to the world and live their lives well-pleasing to the Lord.

      Leigh and Shelby Bailey

      Youth Leader

        Bro. Leigh felt the call to the ministry in 2006 at the age of 17. Like Moses, Leigh thought he was too unworthy and broken to work for the Lord. Therefore, he walked away from God until 2014 when he hit rock bottom. In 2014, Bro. Leigh returned home to Morgan, where he was refilled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus’ name.

        As Bro. Leigh continued to work for the Lord, he met his now wife, Sis. Shelby Bailey at their home church – Pentecostals of Morgan. They were married in the later months of 2015, and the Lord continued to bless them by allowing them the opportunity of becoming the Youth Leaders at their church. As life seemed to be going perfect, the Bailey’s began yearning for a baby to grow their family. Sis. Bailey, however; had been told from the age of 5 that it would be completely impossible for her to have a baby, due to prior health problems. Then the Lord proved to be a God of healing and miracles Who always sees and hears the desires of our hearts. Through many signs and wonders, the Lord provided the Bailey’s with their very own miracle baby in March of 2017! They named him Josiah – meaning Jehovah has healed. What a fitting name for their little miracle!

        Bro. and Sis. Bailey have a passion for those who feel broken and unworthy, because they both themselves have been there and felt that feeling. Their mission is to spread the Gospel to all and let others know that God can use anyone- despite past, present, or future. Our God is a God of love, taking the ordinary and using them for the extraordinary!

        Luisa Serrano and Blanca Lopez

        Spanish Ministry

        Luisa Serrano and Blanca Lopez are very good friends that share the same goal in the Kingdom of God – salvation for lost souls. They met each other in Meridian, Texas in early February of 2011, and over the years they have grown as close as sisters.

        Both Sis. Luisa and Sis. Blanca have a driving passion to serve the Lord with all of their heart, soul, and strength. Their desire is to win as many souls to the kingdom of God as they can through outreach in the community and home Bible Studies that both of them teach.

        Sis. Luisa was born in Mexico City and moved to Texas around 2000, where she met and married her husband, Bro. Marcos Serrano. Together they have 5 children, and each one of their children are extremely smart, spiritual, and love God with everything that they are.

        Sis. Blanca was born in Del Rio, Texas and made her way to the Morgan Church in 2010.
        She was married to Bro. Eduardo Lopez in 2013 and collectively, they have 9 wonderful children.  Sis. Blanca’s passion to see souls saved comes from the experiences she had in her past, and her redemption testimony! She was once addicted to drugs and was living a life of deep sin, but God made the difference. Sis. Blanca went through a time of feeling as if no one wanted her, and that she was not good enough because of the things she had done in her past. But, the Lord said “I DO!” Jesus cleansed her of every sin and gave her a new life in Him, with a great testimony to share to everyone that will hear! This story of God’s grace and the deliverance that comes with His name, is a large part of why Sis. Blanca has such a desire to see individuals delivered from lifestyles of sin and hurt.



          Our youth group consists of individuals ages 12 until married. They are a very diverse group, but share a common denominator – Jesus!!! They are extremely fun, loving, and caring. Each one of them know who God is, and they love to worship Him.

        • MEDIA

          We provide media for all of our online members in an effort to allow everyone from everywhere to hear the Gospel and to grow in God’s Word. We are a Bible-based church that desires to minister to all – no matter their location!


          We are committed to providing free Bible Studies to individuals in order to carry out the commandment of our Lord and take the Gospel to the entire world. If you are interested in experiencing a home Bible Study, please contact us at 936-652-4322. We will gladly come teach one to you in the comfort of your own home.

        • FOOD PANTRY

          Morgan UPC is now a distribution site for the Tarrant County Food Bank.  We distribute food on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 AM at the church fellowship hall.

        The Pentecostals of Morgan are on a mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ. We believe the gospel message will transform all lives and be a constant, unfainting, guide for all who hear it.
        It’s simple; we are a group of regular people connected with a sense of family and purpose. The Pentecostals of Morgan are a multi-ethnic group of people from all walks of life that have been transformed by the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ.

        Church is more than an event in Morgan. It is the opportunity for salvation, needed direction, and the touch of the miraculous. Every service is used to open the door between God and humanity. Anointed praise and worship and celebration are always in order as we encourage all who enter to entertain the King with us.

        We welcome you to our church and into our lives.  Our door is open for you to come and seek the Lord with us, no matter where you are from.  We hope that you will join us soon and see for yourself the difference that Jesus can make.



        Pentecostals of Morgan 1202 Harris Morgan, Texas 76671

        (936) 652-4322

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